SH-Teksor Oy

SH-Teksor Oy was created when SH-Trade Oy and Teksor Oy merged on 1 January 2018. We are a Finnish company manufacturing and selling acid-proof threaded pipe fittings. We are also engaged in machining and turning of customer specific products in acid-proof steel and other demanding materials. A subsidiary of Swedish company Nords International AB, we are located in Tuusula, some 40 km north of Helsinki.

We manufacture acid-proof pipe fittings by turning, using tubes or bars. Our production programme consists of not only a comprehensive selection of standard threaded fittings, but also individually subcontracted parts and special threaded fittings according to customer specifications. We also manufacture flanges.

Our goal is that all our customers are satisfied. We develop all our operations in cooperation with our parent company, and our products and services have a high Scandinavian quality level. We are a leading supplier of threaded pipe fittings in Finland, and we also sell our products through our representatives to other parts of Scandinavia and Central Europe. Our production is flexible and efficient, and we have an extensive warehouse of standard parts, ensuring our customers quick and accurate delivery.

Learn more about our services using the menu on our website. We have decades of expertise in our trade, and an extremely competent sales organisation. We will be happy to discuss solutions that meet your needs.