We are a company that manufactures and markets acid-proofed threaded parts.

We offer high-quality threaded parts as well as customized special parts made of acid-proofed steel. We are located in Tuusula.

Specialist in acid-proofed threaded fittings since 1984.

SH-Teksor Oy is the only manufacturer in Finland of acid-resistant pipe fittings and threaded parts in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directives (PED2014 / 68 / EU). In addition to Finland, we also supply our products to Europe and the Nordic countries. We also have a wide network of resellers.

We are an evolving, open and reliable partner.

How can we help?

The majority of our products are tailored special products. We are happy to be involved in the design phase, so that we can ensure a smooth manufacturing process and the best possible quality for the product.


Subconttacting Fair 2022

Subcontracting fair 2022

Subcontracting Fair at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre on September 27 – 29 2022 is a Finland’s leading industrial event. The theme of the event will be Industry Appeal, Needs and Experts. You will find…
FinH2 hydrogen research project

FinH2 hydrogen research project

FinH2 hydrogen is a significant clean hydrogen research project. SH-Teksor is involved in project, where solutions are being developed through extensive cooperation: VTT, LUT Univeristy, Aalto University and 17 Finnish company are taking part to…